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We don’t only create stylish new homes. NextView can also help your company with services ranging from

financial investments, to construction management and zoning application assistance.


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NextView invests in a wide variety of bare land and property opportunities, ranging from small residential sites under one acre to large scale residential subdivisions, mixed-use properties and institutional structures.

We invest throughout the province of British Columbia, though we mainly concentrate our efforts in and around Victoria, BC, with a special focus on Victoria’s WestShore district.


With over twenty years of experience in property development, NextView has projects ranging in value from $1 million to over $50 million.

All NextView developments are self-funded, along with contributions from private investors and banks. We’re driven to create world-class communities that benefit our environment, and reflect the laidback West Coast lifestyle.


Since 2001, we’ve provided construction management and general contracting services throughout British Columbia to external clients and our own property developments.

Our proactive management style combined with our experience means we can anticipate potential project issues before they happen, resulting in only the highest quality finished homes for our clients. We’re lucky to partner with a talented team of vendors, subcontractors and clients to positively contribute to our local communities.

Interior Design

For all our homes, we work with leading designers to create lasting interiors that will stand the test of time.

We believe that good design is possible at any budget, and we ensure all NextView homes are places our customers love to live and work in, every single day.


The initial process to plan and properly zone a proposed development is complicated, and often different at each level of engagement, from local and provincial government to the federal government. Many proposed developments never get off the ground because of this complicated red tape.

NextView has a high success rate of obtaining development approvals, and can help you navigate the process to successfully bring your development to life.


Although we work on many of our own privately-owned and independent projects, we are also available to consult on select non-competing development projects.

We can assist your team with construction project management, development planning zoning and applications, interior and architectural design, and financial assessments.

Joint Ventures

We only consider joint venture projects if all parties share the same values and passion for the project. We have created several joint venture companies in the past, each as their own corporate structure to ensure financial security for all parties.

Entering into a joint venture is a great way to bring together diverse but complementary skills and resources so that everyone benefits. We work with corporations, land owners, and private investors.